Laser Marking in sharjah, Laser Engraving, Pen, USB, Key chain, Power bank laser marking and engraving in sharjah, UAE

Qasar al murjan is exclusive Gift items supply and promotional items printing company such as Silk screen, digital, UV printing, Laser marking and much more printing solution under one roof. now no need to look at many company to manage your corporate give away printing and supply qasar provides complete range of give away and promotional items printing and laser marking services too. our latest and advanced technology laser marking machine having high capacity of depth engraving and marking which gives you finest quality laser marking on all kind of surfaces like, metal, plastic, fiber, glass, aluminum, copper, gold, stainless steel, cast and many other material like:


  • latest technology laser marking and laser engraving
  • laser cutting with any shape and design
  • pen laser marking
  • usb, power bank, key chain, ring laser marking and laser punching
  • metal, fiber laser marking solution in sharjah, abudhabi, dubai, uae
  • gift items laser marking
  • give away laser engraving
  • promotional items laser marking and laser cutting
  • reliable laser marking company in sharjah
  • affordable laser marking and on time delivery in dubai trade shows
Laser marking in dubai
Laser marking in dubai


  • sharp letter laser marking on usb
  • metal usb laser engraving and laser marking
  • metal and fiber laser marking
  • power bank laser marking with picture
  • pen laser marking
  • metal pen laser engraving and marking
  • key ring laser marking
  • company logo laser marking
  • spare parts laser marking
  • parts laser engraving
  • stainless steel laser marking in sharjah
  • promotional items laser engraving
  • metal, stainless steel laser etching logo and numbering
  • UV printing and laser etching company name
  • gift items logo laser etching


USB-laser-marking-engraving-in-sharjah-uae Gift-itesm-laser-engraving-laser-etching-marking-metal-in-dubai-uae


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Direct UV Printing, Digital UV printing, Promotional items UV Printing, UV Printing on Gift items, Give away UV printing

Qasar is the destination of your complete range of UV printing solution, Direct UV printing on promotional items, gift items and give away etc.. we do even small tiny area surface do multi colors printing, process colors, 4 colors printing non removable with the help of Rolland Japan Direct UV printing machine. we have high quality print production unit with 24 hours, 7 days a week running with fully trained professional staff where they take care of your all promotional items printing, digital printing and other silk screen printing. we produce state of art quality promotional items with UV printing at really affordable price.  our wide range of UV printing facility available as:

Special UV printing on promotional items
Special UV printing on promotional items







High Quality sharp UV printing

Why UV printing required?

  • UV printing will give you sharp registration with super quality printing
  • Multi colors printing possible by UV printing machine on small and round surface like pen, usb, power bank, wristband, metal plate, plastic cover, mobile cover, key chain, stress ball, golf ball etc…
  • card usb, pvc cards with uv printing
  • sharp UV printing with edge to edge printing
  • non removable printing on metal and plastic surface by UV printing
  • 4 colors, process colors printing from UV printing machine
  • quick and fast printing on gift items and promotional items by UV printing machine
  • state of the art quality print production by UV printing machine
  • affordable printing from UV printing

except UV printing what we do for Give away, promotional items and gift items?

Of course, we provide Except UV printing do offer lots of promotional items printing with various print methods and technique to full fill your needs. we are market leading in the field of promotional items printing and supply such as:

process-colors-uv-substrate-printing-in-abudhabi UV-printing

  • we offer complete range of give away, promotional items and gift items supply at cheap price
  • high quality print production on promotional items
  • UAE national day and new year gift items supply with printing
  • we provide silk screen printing, digital printing and offset printing under one roof
  • direct digital uv printing now at really cheap price in uae
  • Mug printing, sublimation, heat transfer printing
  • t shirts supply and bulk t shirts printing, t shirts embroidering, cloth label, woven label embroidering, washable ink printing etc…
  • very good production capacity to meet your bulk order
  • latex balloon supply with balloon accessories like inflator, pump, stick&cups, holder, stand, arch
  • balloon printing both sides with fully automatic machine
  • non woven bag printing and supply
  • wrist band supply at wholesale price and wristband printing
  • lanyard manufacturing and printing
  • card usb, usb, flash drive, power bank printing, pen printing, epoxy, button badge, name badge etc…
  • paper bag manufacturing and gift bag, carry bag printing
  • stress balls supply and printing
  • golf ball supply and printing in dubai, abudhabi, uae
  • roll up and pop up stand banner printing at cheap price
  • form board and forex board printing and mounting at cheap price

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Lanyard printing, wholesale lanyard supplier in sharjah, ID card pouch supplier, full coliors lanyard printing in dubai, abudhabi, Al ain, UAE

we provide lanyard printing, wholesale lanyard supply in sharjah, Dubai, Abudhabi, ID cards pouch supply with silk screen printing. we are a leading lanyard printing company based in but our services available across UAE in Dubai, Al Ain, Abudhabi. we provide various types of lanyard printing services like sublimation, heat press, transfer printing, uv printing, silk screen printing and full colors customized lanyard also we manufacture with different hook and clips. our lanyard printing facilities like:

  • Lanyard heat transfer printing
  • lanyard sublimation printing
  • multi colors lanyard printing
  • edge to edge lanyard printing
  • process colors printing on lanyard
  • customized lanyard with special stitching in various length
  • 24 hours lanyard printing services in sharjah, dubai trade shows
  • lanyard and id cards printing
  • id card pouch supply, badge printing, plastic pouch supply
  • satin lanyard with printing, ID cards rope printing 

we offer lanyard and id cards printing, id cards pouch supply, plastic pouch, badge manufacturing, with custom design and shape. our services can be available same day production and delivery for your trade shows, event and exibition. we offer urgent lanyard printing in one hour production visit our factory for your fast, emergency lanyard printing. qasar al murjan offer customized and ready made lanyard stock with high quality print production, logo printing at very cheap price. for more details pls call us now 0504568239 or email us

Golf ball printing in sharjah, Large Format Dye sublimation & Heat Transfer printing, Flat Bed UV printing, Corporate gift items supplier in dubai, golf ball wholesale supplier with logo printing in dubai uae

PU-stress-ball-supplier-in-uaecustomized golf balls printingTitleist_branded_Golf_BallsVIP-Branded-callaway branded golf ballswe provide complete range of golf ball printing with latest and advanced quality printing solution in sharjah, dubai, abudhabi, uae. as we all known golf balls is very important and rich promotional tool in dubai, uae where we distribute in exibition, event and other product launching and we give as national day gift as well. more interestingly we do multi colours printing on golf balls, image and picture printing, put messages and company logos etc.. we have high quality rolland UV printing machine where we able to do multi colors process printing on it and take quick print productions in second and meet deadline fast and more easily. our range of golf ball printing is not expensive but very good quality.

  • wholesale golf balls with uv printing 
  • silk screen printing
  • direct digital printing
  • digital uv printing
  • bulk printing
  • flat bed UV printing
  • scarf making, scarf manufacturer, full color scarf heat press, transfer and sublimation printing
  • UAE national day scarf printing
  • 2 colors silk screen automatic pad printing
  • large format sublimation printing and roll to roll transfer works
  • direct digital printing on flag

flat Bed uv printing features and advantages with us is:

first of all we should come to know what is UV printing and why we need to use flatbed UV printing in the modern technology of digital era? it is very simple and essential that UV printing in the 21st century where we are in the digital technology of printing instead of old method, basically UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as soon as it gets printed quickly, it is so fast dry and accurate printing impression with high definition. As the printer distributes ink on the surface of a material such as rigid, metal, aluminum, wooden and glass, especially designed UV lights follow close behind, curing – or drying – the ink instantly without wasting any time.

  • fast UV curing LED Lamp
  • high speed flat bed UV provides 45 sqr meter per hour print production with high quality print
  • leather wallet, bag, PU material
  • rigid material can be printed with upto 6mm thickness
  • CMYK and dual white ink cartridge
  • 16 print head which gives fast production

UV printing material our UV flatbed Printing


  • quick golf ball printing
  • corporate gift items golf balls
  • stress balls printing
  • wristband printing
  • promotional golf balls printing and supply in sharjah, dubai, abudhabi
  • give away golf balls
  • uae national day logo printing on golf ball
  • quality golf ball
  • pad printing on golf balls
  • customized full color lanyard making and manfuacturer
  • customized balloon printing and supply
  • corporate gift items and give away supplier
  • promotional items printing and branding
  • company logo printing on gift items like pen, usb, power bank, stress balls, paper bag, shopping gift bag, gift box and sets

branded-callaway-gofl balls in uae superior-fitleist branded golf balls in uae

Large format sublimation printing & Heat transfer printing in dubai, sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman, UAE:

Large format dye sublimation process is the digital kind of printer is perfect for every day sublimation printing to make better heat transfer printing and clothing, t shirts, flag, scarf printing application and for those want to extend their product listing. our sate of the art quality large format sublimation printing gives you ultimate quality, perfect graphics design and printing with sharp edge letter printing which easy to transfer on all related surfaces. our large fromat dye sublimation heat transfer printing advantages and features such as:
large format Dye Sublimation Printing Business Applications:

  • Signage industries & graphics and digital printing production for events, trade shows etc…
  • Home interior decoration, design and fit out companies
  • very useful for printing and transferring into Flags and textile clothing industry
  • corporate gift items, promotional give away etc… such as, mugs, umbrellas, sublimation plate, aluminium plate, name badge and plate, metal key chain, mouse pads
  • large format dye sublimation is very useful for Apparel like, blouses, sportswear, outdoor jackets, T-shirt Printing
  • large format roll to roll dye sublimation printing and roll to roll heat transfer printing
  • Water-based dye sublimation inks which safer for environment
  • highly sticky and non sticky roll paper which is useful for various promotional purpose printing
  • one of the best useful printing for scarf manufacturing, lanyard manufacturing and flag printing

Heat press trnasfer printing

for more details on golf balls, gift items, corporate give away and promotional items  pls call us now or email us or call us now Hot line :- +971 55 565 6324 | +971 50 703 3837 | +971 6535 9072

Non woven bag printing in sharjah, non woven bag supplier in sharjah, Jute Bag, Canvas Bag, Cotton Bag, paper bag, garments bags in sharjah

Do you want an affordable and reliable supplier for non woven bags supplier in uae? then we are one of the leading importing and exporting of non woven bag and non woven bag printing in sharjah, non woven bag supplier in sharjah, jute bag, paper bag, garments bags in sharjah, we offer complete range of 80 gsm, 100 gsm and 120 gsm of non woven bag with spine and without spine with edge to edge printing. we use printing methods on non woven bags like:

wide range of non woven bag collections in uae
wide range of non woven bag collections in uae
  • bulk non woven bag supplier in sharjah
  • dubai largest non woven bag printing company
  • uae largest non woven bag store
  • wide range of non woven bag
  • jute bag with various size and colors
  • different colors and design non woven
  • retail non woven bag shop in uae
  • reliable and fast production bag making in uae
  • cheap price, quick delivery
  • free design and demo making
  • state of the art quality
  • cutting edge technology of bag making in uae

why non woven bag printing in sharjah, dubai, abudhabi, uae? Of course non woven bag is an eco friendly and easy desolve bag which easily recycled and one of the safest promotion bag is in the earth that exist. and also non woven bag is not an expensive options but its quality and richest promotional tool too. we provide non woven bags with various printing options in single color and multi colors like:

custom design non woven bag
custom design non woven bag







  • Custom designed non woven bag with screen print
  • non woven bag with silk printing
  • heat transfer printing on non woven bag
  • A4 and A3 size ready non woven bag in white, blue, red, yellow, pink etc…
  • jute bag with printing
  • non woven bag sublimation printing
  • process colors printing on non woven bags
  • ready made without printing non woven bags supplier in sharjah
  • dubai leading non woven bag distributor in wholesale rate
  • non woven garments bag supplier and printing company
  • non woven parda cover, abaya cover supplier in sharjah with printing
  • no woven suit cover and suit bag

qasar al murjan jute bag making and printing supply in uae

Yes, it is a best and natural way to prepare promotion bag in our jute bag, cotton, canvas, kraft material bag which is 100% eco friendly and nature friendly so we can save earth together by promoting jute bag in UAE!!!

qasar al murjan jute bag manufacturing unit  is a Company which provides completer range of Jute, cotton, canvas, Kraft, paper bags printing and of course we creates beautiful Eco friendly totes, shopping carry bags, jute gift bag, beach bags and  beverage bottle carriers from the most carefully chosen and exquisite natural jute, cotton & canvas materials with 100% natural fiber and eco friendly to save our planet in today age.  our jute and cotton bag manufacturing unit provides state of the art quality, by using eco friendly and natural resource of raw material for jute, cotton, canvas and Kraft bags from india, china which offer the result of highly skilled craftsmanship married with creativity, imagination and innovation by doing multi colors printing on both sides. jute and cotton bags  widely accepted to make environment conscious countries and are fast replacing paper and plastic bags and of course we can say now no plastic bags.

luxury jute bags in uae

  • Jute Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • Cotton Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • Canvas Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • School Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • Promotional Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • Fair Trade Cotton Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • High-End Fashion Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • Organic Cotton Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • Christmas, Garden & Gift Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • Beach Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE
  • Pouch, Jar & Lingerie Bags Manufacturing, Printing & supply in UAE

eco friendly jute-tote-canvas-cotton bag printing and suply in uae

  • jute bag with logo printing
  • cotton and canvas bag with custom design printing
  • woven and non woven bags in any size custom and ready made
  • jute bags are luxury collections which can be re used 100 of times as you need it
  • all of our jute bags are best option to replace plastic bags
  • jute bags is a best and long lasting advertising and promotional tool
  • custom jute bags are available and ready in stock
  • 100% in house production with multi colors printing

for more information on Jute, cotton, canvas, paper, non woven bag pls call us today Hot line :- +971 55 565 6324 | +971 50 703 3837 | +971 6535 9072 Email Id :-

wholesale stress balls supplier in sharjah, stress ball distributor in dubai, stress balls printing in abudhabi, UAE

you are looking for a wholesale PU stress balls supplier in sharjah, stress ball distributor in dubai, stress balls printing in abudhabi, UAE? if so we are one of the PU stress balls, stress bluster ball supplier in uae with having more than 12 colours of stress balls in various shape and thickness, size etc.. qasar al murjan also provide stress balls printing solution with company logo, branding and much more. we offer stress balls as:


  • single color and multi colours printed stress balls
  • UV printed stress ball
  • pu stress ball printing
  • silk screen printing on stress ball
  • wholesale stress ball supplier
  • sharajah biggest stress ball store
  • stress buster ball supplier
  • retail stress ball printing shop
  • bulk stress ball supplier
  • stress ball printing in dubai, abudhabi, sharjah, uae
  • various stress ball with different colors

why stress balls use in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhab? yes stress ball is common promotional tool and its very good advertising material at cheap budget. of course stress ball is useful and essential fitness material too. we supply wide range round stress ball and oval stress ball. we do silk screen and uv printing on stress balls with cut color and process colors printing too. you can have vast collections of stress balls like:

bulk-stress-balls-supplier-in-dubai mutli-colors-stress-ball-printing-in-sharjah

  • round shape pu stress balls
  • oval shape stress ball with logo printing 
  • single color and multi colors UV printing on stress balls
  • promotional and gift stress ball supplier in sharjah
  • UAE national day stress ball printing
  • corporate gift stress balls printing
  • advertising stress balls with company name
  • smile stress balls
  • exhibition stress balls printing

we supply bulk and wholesale stress balls at cheap price but high quality material and offer printing on stress balls too for more details pls call us on 0504568239 or email us