United Arab Emirates Woven label manufacturer, Sticky Note pad, woven label embroidering, cloth tag embroidering, woven patch manufacturer in UAE

we provide state of the art quality woven label embroidering, cloth label making, woven patch production, clothing label printing etc… we are one of the leading and quality United Arab Emirates Woven label manufacturer, woven label embroidering, cloth tag embroidering, woven patch manufacturer in UAE having over decades of great experience in the field of woven label manufacturing, embroidering industry. clothing tag is very important to identify your brand name and logo so make your label rich and cost effective with us such as:

abaya- label-embroidering-patches-making-in-uae clothing-label-embroidering-woven-label-printing-in-uae custom-made-woven-label-embroidering-customized-cloth-label-making-in-uae

  • high quality woven label with logo embroidering
  • reliable woven label manufacturer in UAE, OMAN, QATAR, BAHRAIN and AFRICA
  • clothing tag and label printing with washable ink
  • cheap and cost effective woven label making in dubai, rak
  • fast, quick and urgent woven label embroidering in 2 days
  • clothing tag printing and price tag printing 
  • hang tag printing with bar code
  • plastic cloth tag with die cutting
  • cloth tag with spot UV, foiling and embossing
  • premium cloth label making in uae
  • luxury and affordable cloth label, tag embroidering and printing company in dubai, sharjah, abudhabi, al ain, uae

dubai_Woven_Labels_embroidering_in_uae_qatar_oman_bahrain_africa embroidered_woven_patches_in-uae-middle east-africa woven-patche-embroidering-cutting-in-sharjah-dubai-abudhabi-uae

woven patch production is a new trend to stitch on high quality clothing material. we offer complete range of woven patch embroidering, label making, tag embroidering with company name and details we offer services like:

  • high quality woven patch with less qty
  • urgent and fast delivery in UAE, QATAR, OMAN, BAHRAIN
  • woven patch with school logo, and brand identity 
  • clothing label branding with woven patch
  • patch embroidering on luxury dress
  • premium and luxury cloth branding with woven patch embroidering
  • t shirts label embroidering and t shirts printing
  • heat transfer and sublimation printing
  • t shirts embroidering, school uniform manufacturer and printing
  • memo pad, sticky notes printing, leather case binding sticky note pad, note pad with recycled papers, note pad with pen holder and pen, leather binding memo pad etc…
  • abaya label embroidering, printing, abaya metal tag making, abaya cover printing, suit cover and branding

pen-note-pad-+manufacturer-supplier-in-dubai-sharjah-abudhabi-uae luxury-customized-logo-Sticky-Note-Organizer-With-Pads-calendar-in-sharjah-uae recycled-Eco-friendly-Note-Pad-printing-in-uae

our other services: Qasar also supply complete range of quality gift and promotional items, with logo printing like Sitcky note pad, note pad, recycled note pad with pen, pen holder, pen printing, silk screen printing, uv printing, laser marking, eco friendly note pad, customized sticky note pad, memo pad, spiral note pad, memo cubes, company note pad, presentation folder, usb, key chain, epoxy label, power bank, paper bag, woven bag, garments bag, lanyard, id cards and much more items under one roof. we provide state of the art quality sticky note pad production, leather case sticky note pad, event and exhibition give away etc.. our range of sticky note pad ready and customized options available in UAE, QATAR, OMAN, BAHRAIN and African country. our sticky note pad can be used as luxury, premium gift, corporate gift and give away contact us today

for further information about United Arab Emirates Woven label manufacturer, woven label embroidering, cloth tag embroidering, woven patch manufacturer in UAE pls call us now 0504568239 or email us print@qasaralmurjan.ae

Craft Paper Bags Manufacturer in sharjah, Dubai, UAE. Jute Bag, Cotton, Canvas, Tote & Kraft brown paper bag supplier in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman & Africa

We Manufacture high quality Craft/ Kraft bag, Craft Paper Bags  Manufacturer in sharjah, Dubai, UAE. Kraft brown paper bag supplier in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman & African countries. our range of kraft bags are high quality but cheap price and having bulk production capacity to meet your deadline. we offer finest quality  printing on kraft bags/ craft bags, paper bag, shopping bag and grocery bags at really affordable price and on time delivery. our complete range of Kraft bags such as:

  •  brown kraft paper bags
  • craft paper bags printing
  • food packing paper bag
  • grocery kraft paper bag
  • cafeteria kraft paper bag
  • recycled paper bags printing
  • eco-friendly paper bags
  • woven bag printing
  • non woven bag
  • cotton bag printing 


qasar al murjan provides high quality kraft/ craft paper bags production in UAE by using state of the art quality printing equipment and machinery, latest and advanced technology finishing machinery to provide best affordable price. we accept huge kraft bag order and delivery all over UAE in very short time.

kraft-paper-bag-printing-in-dubai-qatar-oman-bahraincheap-cotton-bag-supplier-printing-in-uae-qatar-oman-bahrain leading-cotton-bag-wholesale-dealer-in-dubai-uae

  • a reliable destination for all kind of cotton, non woven and jute bag in UAE, qatar, Oman, Bahrain, africa
  • high quality promotional carry bags at really cheap price in uae
  • bulk order can be accepted
  • finest quality multi colors printing on carry bags, kraft bag, cotton bag and non woven bag
  • white kraft bags suppliers in uae
  • sharjah leading kraft bags manufacturer and leading carry bags suppliers

why you choose qasal al murjan paper bag company to print or make your paper bags in UAE? qasar having state of the art quality paper bag binding and manufacturing equipment with cutting edge modern technology 5 colors printing machinery which provides high end paper bags at cheap price. we have well qualified and trained paper bag pasting professionals beside using machinery using we physically cheap quality perfection each pcs we manufacture and make sure all quality are ok before packing for delivery. we offer cheapest price in UAE, bulk quantity can be printed and manufactured in very less time. common paper bag sizes and thickness:

  • craft bags can be in 120 gsm, 150 gsm, 170 gsm, 200 gsm, 250 gsm maximum if more we need to double paste
  • white bag or any full colored bags can be in 200 gsm, 250 gsm, 300 and 350 gsm thickness
  • material can be used food board, art matte and art glossy or any special paper can be used
  • size normally A5, A4, A3 and bigger than A3 size
  • custom size paper bag can be in any size and any shape we can make it
  • other size paper bags 21×29, 25x 40 , 30x 60 cm etc…

Qasar Also produce bulk quantity of jute, canvas, Tote, Cotton, woven and non woven bag with single color to multi colors printing on both sides in any custom design in Dubai, sharjah, ajman, abudhbai, Al ain, UAE and middle east, african country. we provide plain jute and eco friendly bags, carry cover in UAE and export to middle east and african country at wholesale price. our cutting edge technology of bag making, printing and binding unit provides state of the art quality facility to make reliable eco friendly bags to make country more environment friendly by offering such a best and recycled promotional carry bags such as:

eco friendly jute-tote-canvas-cotton bag printing in UAE, Sharjah

  • Jute Customized and printed Bags
  • Cotton Customized and printed Bags
  • Juco Customized and printed Bags
  • Canvas Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Shopping Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Conference Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Pouches and Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Christmas Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Beach Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Corporate Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Cosmetic Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Designer Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Laptop Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Promotional Customized and printed Bags
  • Jute Wine Customized and printed Bags
  • Calico Customized and printed Bags
  • Canvas Customized and printed Bags
  • Woven Customized and printed Bags
  • Beverage Customized and printed Bags
  • Non woven Customized and printed Bags
  • Abaya cover Customized and printed Bags
  • Garments cover and Customized and printed Bags
  • Suite cover and Customized and printed Bags
  • Dust cover and Customized and printed Bags

for more information about Kraft, Jute, canvas, tote, woven, Craft Paper bag Manufacturer in sharjah, Dubai, UAE. Kraft brown paper bag supplier in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman & Africa please call us now Hot line :- +971 55 565 6324 | +971 50 703 3837 | +971 6535 9072 Email Id :- print@qasaralmurjan.ae


Metal Badge manufacturer in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Customized Metal Medal, Lapel Pin supplier in UAE

We provide high quality custom design Metal Badge manufacturer in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Customized Metal Medal, Lapel Pin supplier in UAE. our complete range of metal badges and medals will help you to boost your marketing and improve your promotion with far better presentation. we offer gold medal, silver medal, label pin and badges etc..  no matter how complicate your design we manufacture your metal medal and badges by using state of the art quality machinery and provide cheap price in UAE, qatar, oman, Bahrain and africa. we offer metal badges and medal like:

Badge_Custom_Police_Badge_Metal_in_middle_east lapel-pin-metal-metal-badge-metal-badge-in-dubai-qatar-oman-bahrain-africa metal-medal-manufacuring-in-uae-sharjah-dubai-qatar-oman-bahrain

  • customized lapel pin manufacturer in UAE
  • reliable metal badges and medal manufacturer and supplier in UAE
  • Metal Medal badges with color fill, printing, coating, engraving and embossing and 3d works
  • any design and any shape cutting metal badges, medal and lapel pin making in UAE
  • gold coating, brass coating, silver coating on metal badge and medals
  • award medal manufacturer in UAE and middle east
  • finest quality printing and medal, badge with custom design
  • logo printing with lapel pin
  • UAE national day lapel pin, badges and medals

we offer several other promotional items with logo printing, engraving and lanyard accessories in UAE with highly competitive price and on time delivery

chrome-plated-magnetic-crocodile-clip-style-mini-clip-for-lanyard-in-uae customized-metal-embossed-engraving-medal-badge-in-uae tie-clip-manufacturer-in-uae-qatar-oman-bahrain

  • tie clip with custom design and shapes cutting
  • tie clip with logo printing
  • crocodile clip for lanyards
  • lanyard metal hook and dog hook
  • mobile strap with lanyards
  • lanyard roll
  • sublimation ink and papers
  • sublimation printer
  • silk screen lanyard, id cards, card holder, pouch and buckle

for more details pls call us now or email print@qasaralmurjan.ae







Plastic Card Printing in dubai, PVC cards printing, Offset & Digital Plastic cards printing at cheap price, Bulk PVC id/ Plastic cards printing company in UAE

we are one of the bulk offset and digital plastic cards printing company in the United Arab Emirates. we accept bulk plastic cards in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abudhabi, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. our services available all over in Middle east and africa as well. we use state of the art quality plastic card printer which can be print millions of bulk qty and give you finest quality printing and on time delivery even mass order. we provide plastic cards printing such as:

Plastic-cards-printing-in-uae-oman-qatar-bahrain PVC-Plastic-cards-offset-printing-in-uae

  • Hot stamping plastic/ PVC cards
  • UV printing on plastic cards
  • spot UV on pvc cards
  • small micro text printing on pvc  cards
  • numbering, bar-code and serial number on plastic cards
  • scratch cards printing
  • signature panel on plastic cards 
  • number and name embossing on plastic cards
  • metallic printing on plastic cards
  • hologram stamps printing on plastic cards
  • re transfer digital printing on plastic cards
  • pvc/ plastic business cards printing
  • transparent plastic cards pirnting
  • offset printing on plastic cards
  • digital printing on plastic cards
  • QR code printing on plastic cards
  • individual packing plastic cards
  • silk screen printing on plastic cards
  • plastic telephone cards printing
  • school ID cards, access cards, rigid cards, laminated cards, chip cards, electronic plastic cards etc…

we provide high quality plastic cards printing at cheap price, we print offset, digital, uv and silk screen printing for your plastic card printing requirements. our aim is to produce cheapest price plastic cards printing, bulk and wholesale plastic cards in dubai, UAE. regardless what quantity plastic cards you want small or huge order we full fill your requirements pls contact us today and get your plastic cards printed

Balloon shops in dubai, Balloon store, Party Balloon supplier, Balloon Printing in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain

Qasar is one of the most influenced and prominent name for all your balloon and balloon printing needs in Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and KSA. we produce high quality latex balloons at cheap price and having fully automatic balloon printing machinery with double impression printing at one time. we can do balloon printing even 10000 or quantity in just 10 hours with double sided printing in UAE and can be supplied across middle east and africa. we offer Balloon shops in dubai, Balloon store, Party Balloon supplier, Balloon Printing in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain such as:

  • party balloons backgroundlatex balloon super quality printing
  • both sides double impression printing
  • reliable balloon shops in UAE, DUBAI
  • Dubai largest balloon store
  • 15 colors balloon available in 12 inch size and 3.2 grams thickness
  • durable and long lasting helium balloon with printing
  • wholesale balloon store in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA and Africa
  • balloon accessories
  • heart shape balloon, metallic balloon, foil balloon printing and supply

we offer all kind of balloon printining, blank balloon, balloon accessories etc… we provide bulk balloon printing in metallic and regular normal colors with lots of stock ready in UAE and can be send it to qatar, bahrain, oman, ksa and africa we have balloon accessories like


balloon-display-stand-arch-in-uae-qatar-oman-bahrain-ksa-africa balloon-inflator-machine-pump-and-cups-in-uae-qatar-oman-bahrain-ksa-africa balloon-stick-and-cups-in-uae-qatar-oman-bahrain-ksa-africa

  • balloon stick & cups with all colors
  • balloon diplay stand and arch
  • balloon holder, string
  • balloon electric infiltrator machines and air pump
  • air compressor for balloon
  • balloon manual pump
  • metallic balloon
  • balloon helium inflator
  • branding balloon printing
  • exhibition and event balloon printing
  • birthday party balloon printing
  • inauguration balloon printing
  • wedding party balloon printing

for more details pls email us print@qasaralmurjan.ae






Reel Badge and lanyard suppliers in dubai, Wholesale Mouse Pad, Lanyard with Accessories in Dubai, Lanyard printing in Qatar, Oman, UAE and Africa

We are one of the UAE biggest Lanyard Manufacturing company offer our lanyard printing and supply services across UAE, QATAR, OMAN and South African countries, our range . we provide complete range of lanyards and lanyard accessories at cheap price but high quality material like:

lanyard-hook-buckle-qatar-oman-africa safety-release-buclke-supplier-in-dubai-uae super-sublimation-lanyard-manufacturer-in-dubai-uae


  • Lanyard hook
  • lanyard safety buckle
  • safety release breakaway buckle
  • lanyard clip
  • lanyard pin
  • lanyard button
  • lanyard neck buckle
  • lanyard roll for sublimation printing
  • lanyard sublimation ink with 1 liter bottle C,M,Y,K, LC & LM
  • Polyester Lanyard for silk screen printing
  • polyester mixed cotton lanyard


do you want to buy bulk or wholesale polyester silk screen lanyards in UAE, OMAN, QATAR or Africa? then we are one of the leading supplier at wholesale rate and we manufacturer high quality lanyards with full color printing in edge to edge and stitching with custom design and quality. our state of the art quality lanyard manufacturing and printing machinery offer you finest quality printing and on time delivery even bigger quantity. we offer free delivery all over and Dubai trade shows and Adnec exhibition hall Abudhbai. for more details call us now or email us print@qasaralmurjan.ae

we provide wholesale mouse pad, round shape and square types with silk screen printing and sublimation with full colors printing in oman, qatar, africa and UAE. we offer cheap price and bulk qty order we take and deliver your mouse pad within 2 days even if its bulk qty

Computer-Mouse-Pads-subliation-printing-in-qatar-oman-uae-africa mouse-pad-multi-colours-printing-in-uae mouse-pad-sublimation-heat-transfer-printing-in-uae